PUA Meeting Schedule

The meeting dates posted below are to conduct association business. When conflicts arise, meetings may be scheduled for other days. Attendance is required for all members at the yearly election meeting as per the PUA Bylaws, and strongly encouraged for all other meetings. Meetings for 2017 will be held at the Borough of Whitehall municipal complex, in either the Community Room (next to the library) or the Lecture Room (one level below). The schedule is as follows:

Date & Time, 2017Location
Wednesday Feb 15 - 7:30pmCommunity Room
Tuesday Mar 14 - 7:30pmCommunity Room
Tuesday Apr 11 - 8:00pmCommunity Room
Tuesday May 16 - 8:30pmCommunity Room
Tuesday June 13 - 8:30pmCommunity Room
Tuesday July 11 - 8:30pmCommunity Room
Tuesday Aug 15 - 7:30pmCommunity Room

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