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The Pittsburgh Umpire Association (PUA) is an organization that provides umpires for youth baseball leagues throughout the South Hills, city of Pittsburgh, and surrounding communities. PUA is among the largest umpire associations in Pittsburgh, serving numerous leagues at various levels from Little League tournaments to American Legion games. More detailed information about the Association, its organization, officers, and schedules, is available on this website.

In Memoriam

  • Pittsburgh Umpire Association remembers Duane Bradley, loving husband, father, sportsman, coach, and brother umpire. Rest in peace, Duane.
  • Pittsburgh Umpire Association remembers John Zingaro, minister, missionary, author, linguist, and brother umpire. Rest in peace, John.
  • Pittsburgh Umpire Association remembers Tom Eagan, loving husband, father, and brother umpire. Rest in peace, Tom.


  • Umpires should make sure the PUA webmaster has their correct email address.
  • Minutes from the monthly business meetings are now available here on the website. Simply click "Meeting Minutes" from your homepage after you log in.

PUA takes pride in providing youth baseball leagues in Pittsburgh with knowledgable, dependable officials who can manage contests fairly and without bias in a professional manner. Our members hold themselves to the highest standards regarding mechanics, positioning, rules knowledge and application, game management, appearance, and most importantly, clear and professional communication skills.

We are always looking for new members who are interested in umpiring at any level we provide officials for. See our website for information on how you can become a member of one of the oldest and largest umpire organizations in the Pittsburgh area, or contact us.

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